Welcome to ClausFest
         March 15-19, 2014
     Coming Back Home to Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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January 29, 2014

For all of ClausFest 2014 attendees, here is an idea some of the items being sold by our vendors and the list just keeps growing:

• Colognes and perfume

• Custom on-site embroidery
• Santa attire and accessories

• Mrs. C attire and accessories 

• T-Shirts
• Santa and Mrs. Claus shirts and clothing

• Jewelry
• Santa and Christmas Hats
• Santa Bags

• Travel bags and purses

• Unique Angel & Antler Gifts
• Customer Leather Boots

• Leather Belts and other accessories
• Santa Make-up Kits

• Santa Stickers
• Custom made Santa Suits

• Custom wig
• Mall Santa Photography Companies

• Children’s books
• Walking sticks, staffs and canes

• Bib overalls

• Santa Buttons

• Christmas Pins
• For those of us who have multiple aches and pains - Pain relief lotion

All of our Vendors are selling nothing but Christmas items. Many of these are one of a kind and collector’s items; all reasonably priced and ready to sell.

ALL contact information of vendors will be in your registration folders for use when you return home as well !!!

                                Vendor Policy Regarding Groups

ClausFest is not affiliated nor will it promote any National or International Santa Groups.  This policy was enacted at the time of creation of ClausFest.

Due to our policy, we denied a vendor booth in 2012 to a National Group wanting to promote an event they were hosting.
Our policy has not changed and again this year, we will remain an independent entity. ClausFest will deny a vendor booth to any National and International Santa Organizations.
ClausFest welcomes the Santa community as individuals. All persons, regardless of Group memberships, are welcome to attend ClausFest as guests, however we reserve the right to refuse approval of any requests for the purpose of event promotion at ClausFest.
The ClausFest Team