Welcome to ClausFest
         March 15-19, 2014
     Coming Back Home to Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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We're looking for a few good men and women to participate in helping us get the word out about ClausFest to all the members of the Claus Family.


Remember, we have a fun "state" competition going....who ever has the largest total number representation from your state gets the State Ambassador of that state a free hotel room and a trophy for your state.  In 2012, The Peachtree Santas from Georgia won.  We challenge each State Ambassador to try and bring in a new winner !!!

If you would like to represent your State or Country in promoting ClausFest and making sure every member in your State/Country of the Claus Family knows about ClausFest, please contact Cindylu Thomas or Debra Ann Gabrelcik and let us know.   We want everyone to have an opportunity to be a part of the ClausFest Adventure and this is your opportunity to help out.

You help is appreciated.



ALABAMA -  Charlie & Cindylu Thomas                                        [email protected]


 ARIZONA - Lowell Kuester                                                               [email protected]


FLORIDA - Keith Carson                                                                   [email protected]


GEORGIA - Joe Pridgen                                                                    [email protected]


ILLINOIS -  Gloria Wendling                                                               [email protected]

INDIANA -  Owen Davenport                                                             [email protected]


MICHIGAN- Mike Durkin                                                                    [email protected]

                     Cletis Hesiel                                                                   [email protected]



MINNESOTA - Tom & Carol Pierce                                                 [email protected]

NEW YORK- Santa Claus                                                                [email protected]


NORTH CAROLINA - Steve Gillham                                               [email protected]

OHIO - Doug Baird                                                                            [email protected]

PENNSYLVANIA- Jim Morrison                                                     [email protected]

TENNESSEE - John & Joan Wilder                                               [email protected]


 VIRGINIA - Dale & Trish Parris                                                        [email protected]



Denmark - Henrik Jacobsen                                      [email protected],

France    - Jorgen Otzen                                            [email protected]