Welcome to ClausFest
         March 15-19, 2014
     Coming Back Home to Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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                                                                NEWS YOU CAN USE!

This is the place to find the very latest and accurate ClausFest News:

March  31, 2014

Hey Everyone, our Official Photographer, Jim Martin has all his photos put up on this website now and priced quite reasonably!  He was a real trooper throughout all of ClausFest and didn't miss a single thing!  We take our hats off to him for a "Job WELL DONE! "  In all the Conventions we have attended or had anything to do with we can honestly say that we have never had such a GREAT photographer working with us.  Jim isn't just a professional in the Photography sense, but  just an all around great guy with a terrific sense of humor and patience galore!  His sidekick, also known as his wife, Deb, is a female Jim!  Can you believe just a day or two before heading to Gatlinburg she had an accident and broke her foot??  Yet, there she was, cast and all, helping Jim do the best job we've ever seen.  SHE is a real Trooper too!

I know that a lot of you took your own photos, but take a look at what Jim did and I'll just bet you'll find some shots that you just cannot resist!    

On behalf of the entire population of ClausFest 2014 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, we THANK YOU, Jim and Deb for everything you did for us!



ClausFest is having a sale on items that we have left over from the ClausFest Vendor

Booth.  Please visit the Event Page and Country Store and those items will be listed

there.  We are putting a sale price on all the clothing items.  Price shown includes shipping charges.

One of the new items and late arrival is the ClausFest Logo Lapel Pin.  Honestly, the

photo doesn't really do these pins justice.  These are really beautiful pins and something I hope everybody who purchases one will wear  with pride.  They are  in short supply, so

please order yours before they are all gone.  They are not dated, so those of you who attended ClausFest in 2012 can have a Souviner from your visit to the very first ClausFest ever held.

Many thanks to all!


Santa Charlie & Cindylu

March 12, 2014

There is excitement on the streets of Gatlinburg.  Store owners have been talking with shoppers about the Santas Arriving. 

Packing is done.  ClausFest Attendees will start arriving Thurs & Fri.  Saturday will be The Big Claus Family Parade with over 67 unites in the line up !  The sidewalks will be filled with Spring Break Vacationers....a great time will be had by ALL !!    SAFE TRAVELS !



March 8, 2014

Ok Everyone, we are ready as we are going to get for the unfolding of a great event in the Beautiful Mountains of East Tennessee called

the GREAT SMOKEY MOUNTAINS.  The earth will start as a small tremble up that way long about  Wednesday and increase rapdily every hour from that day forward until all you can hear is the roar of the Santa Claus Community coming together in the quaint village of

Gatlinburg, Tennessee  on Friday March 14, 2014!.  On Saturday all will assemble for a GRAND Parade of Clauses, and again this year, the REAL Santa WILL be there, but it's going to be up to the children to determine just WHO he is!   Rest assured, tho, he WILL be there along with all his helpers, Mrs. Clauses Elves and other Helpers en masse!  

All Workshops are set on "go".  The Vendor Area is ready to "go" and the Host Hotel, filled to capacity !  

One bit of clarification, however,  for those of you who inquired about Susen Mesco's (Denver Colorado School for Santas)  Workshop

having been cancelled.;;;  this is totally false.  Her class is and has always been on the schedule.  There are no changes!

Other than that, let us remind everyone what ClausFest IS about.  To put it in as simple terms there are.  ClausFest is a gathering of

all persons in the Claus Family to enjoy these 4 components in whatever way the find suits their style:  Food, Family, Fun & Fellowship!

THAT IS CLAUSFEST!  Nothing more  - nothing Less! 

"We'll see YOU in Gatlinburg. Tennessee"     'Where Santa Hangs His Heart & His Hat"

FEBRUARY 17, 2014

There was an error in the phone number that was given out earlier for the EDGEWATER Resort and Hotel, one of the back up Hotels for ClausFest 2014  The CORRECT number is   1-800-423-9582.  The contact person remains the same, Tonya Young.  This is an exquisite Hotel and will serve your needs quite well.  

February 14, 2014     HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !!


Just a note to some folks who seem to think that ClausFest has closed Registration; We have room  to approve 22 more persons to attend ClausFest and that is all. THEN we will be closing our registration. This is kind of a "last call" for those of you who have procrastinated getting your registration in. Please act now and prepare to have the time of your life! It's just  a month now before SHOWTIME !


For those attendees who made an initial deposit, we need you to make your final payment.  Click on the Country Store Menu Cart and click on the appropriate payment for single registration or couple registration final payment.  This was due by Feb. 1st....soooo please get it done this weekend or you may lose your spot.  We need to get these items closed out in accounting dept.   THANK YOU !






February 10, 2014

Because we are so close to Showtime at ClausFest and all the contracts have been signed, Food Ordered and other financial Obligations, we can no longer offer full Refunds in the event of Cancellations.  For those of you who have had to Cancel earlier, we are glad we were able to give you your full Refunds, however, at this time, we must change our Policy regarding Refunds.

     Effective Midnight February 12, 2014 - Midnight February 28, 2014 we will Refund Registration Amounts of 50%.

     From March 1, 2014 - March 13, 2014 we can offer no Refunds.

We certainly hope nobody will have to Cancel their Registration, but if they do, we hope they will understand that we must

meet our financial Obligations to those who we are under contract to pay for their Services/Goods/Products.


Your ClausFest Team

February 9, 2014 

                                                                Update on Room Availability

Hey everybody,  In case you are not able to get a room at The River Terrace , our host hotel, we have 2 more great Hotels as back up lodging for our ClausFest guests.  They both offer free breakfast  with each registration too!  Their room rate is a little more, but the breakfast offsets that very well.   We're getting close to being sold out for this event, but we still have some available at this time.  Contact the Edgewater Resort and Hotel, (which property adjoins The River Terrace)  OR The Greystone Lodge which is within walking distance to The River Terrace on the other side of the Aquarium.  The phone number for the Edgewater Hotel is 800-423-9582 and they are located at 402 River Road next door to The River Terrace.  The Contact person there is Tonya Young.    

The number for Greystone Lodge is: 1-800-451-9202. and the contact person there is Renee.


Recently a National Organization requested a Vendor Spot at ClausFest in order to promote their Group in an effort to increase their membership.  ClausFest has a policy on this and we are sharing that policy with all our guests that have registered to attend ClausFest, just to set the record straight.  We are posting our policy here just to make sure everyone is fully aware that we have restrictions on group promotion.


"ClausFest is not affiliated nor will it promote any National or International Santa Groups."  This policy was enacted at the time of creation of ClausFest.


Due to our policy, we denied a vendor booth in 2012 to a National Group wanting to promote an event they were hosting.  Our policy has not changed and again this year, we will remain an independent entity. ClausFest will deny a vendor booth to any National and International Santa Organizations.


ClausFest welcomes the Santa community as individuals. All persons, regardless of Group Memberships, are welcome to attend ClausFest as guests, however we reserve the right to refuse approval of any requests for the purpose of event promotion at ClausFest.  We want our attendees to enjoy and celebrate the Spirit of ClausFest.  In 2012 exit surveys, many our attendees noted how much they appreciated this decision. 


The ClausFest Team



1-29-14  Vendor Page Updated.  Please check it out.






Claus Choir:

"Choir" for the Talent show: I'm looking for some more folks to join me in a special choir that will be in the talent show, no singing experience needed, but you will have fun! Just email me your full name so I can add you to our group. We need names for the program.


Door Decorating Contest :

We will have a "door decorating contest" for those staying at the River Terrace Hotel. Have some fun with it, but remember, You cannot DEFACE the door in any way, no nails or anything that could damage the door, or you will be responsible for the damage. Use your imagination and show your Christmas spirit!


IF you have questions about any of the above two events, please email Trish Parris - Mz. Santa Claus 

[email protected]




1-26-14  UPDATED Agenda Page.  See agenda page for that information.  Agenda is NOT FINALIZED yet ! 




1-23-14  UPDATED Hotel Information.  Please see hotel page for that information.



Oct. 2, 2013 
Ladies and Gentlemen:
ClausFest is very pleased to introduce Mr. Jim Martin as the Official Photographer and his Assistant to all of you that will be attending ClausFest in 2014.  Jim is a Professional Photographer that has been working in this field for over 30 years and has worked with famous people all over the U.S.  covering every kind of event there is.  When you see Jim in action, you will know that he has a great deal of experience  at hand and you most assuredly will see that professionalism in the quality of his work.  Jim will be the "Official" ClausFest Photographer and we would request that you give him the courtesy of letting him do the job he is being paid to do for you!  
Jim will have a booth at the Hospitality room at the Meet n' Greet event to discuss with you the various photos he'll  be taking at ClausFest.  You will have a photo order form in your Registration package and Jim will also have a supply of forms at his booth  for your completion at the conclusion of ClausFest for any of the photos you wish to purchase.    We have had the honor of working with Jim and his wonderfully talented Assistant who just happens to also be his wife, Deb Martin, previously, and know that they will welcome the opportunity to provide you with the best photos possible of this all important Event called ClausFest!

Here's a little of what Jim told us of his accomplishments in the World of Photography:


"I discovered my love of photography at the age of 11 when a family friend introduced me to film development. At age 13, Santa brought me my first camera and darkroom kit. I attended Jefferson State Jr. College where I studied Photography, worked as the school photographer and as a teaching assistant in the photo lab. I then got my Certification in Photography at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, where I also worked in the photo lab and contributed to the newspaper and alumni organization, along with photographing the new basketball program. I designed and taught an introduction and intermediate photograph class at the Pinson Valley Adult Education Center.

I began my career at Canon USA in Dallas, Texas, where I was the head of technical services for 35 mm products. The job duties included calling on Federal, state and local government agencies along with all news and other entities using 35mm camera products. The range of agencies was from NASA to the FBI, including the local and state fire and police agencies.

While working for Canon I covered all the special events sponsored by Canon USA, along with the working press at all major events from professional sporting events including Olympics, Super Bowl, Masters Golf Tournaments, United States Tennis Association, Grand Prix and major news events such as the political conventions.

After leaving Canon I worked as Commercial freelance photographer based in Dallas, Texas. My client base ranged from companies in aviation, communications, realty developments, industrial and other high tech industries along with assignments with magazines such as Aviation Weekly, Texas Monthly and Boys Life. Clients included: Beechcraft aircraft, Aerospatiale Helicopter, NASA, Turbomeca USA (aircraft power plant rebuilders), Comp USA, Sprint, Nokia and Verizon.

Ten years ago, I sold my practice in Dallas, and returned to Birmingham. Most of my time is now spent photographing weddings and special events. I am married to my childhood sweetheart, we have three grown children, four dogs and a cat and live happily in McCalla, AL."

We're excited to have Jim and Deb on board with ClausFest this year and hope you will all join us in wishing him a warm welcome to the Claus Family!

FOOD                 FOOD                    FOOD                     FOOD

Red Polo Shirt/  Available in sizes:  Medium - 5X  Also Available in Green & White.  ClausFest Logo on left side just above pocket.

Visit the Event Menu/Country Store Page on this website for photos and pricing of all clothing items currently for sale.

Red Polo Shirt/  Available in sizes:  Medium - 5X  Also Available in Green & White.  ClausFest Logo on left side just above pocket.

Visit the Event Menu/Country Store Page on this website for photos and pricing of all clothing items currently for sale.

                             FOOD and FUN!

We know Santas and we know the two things they love the most!  FOOD and FUN!  Thus, we have planned a great time for both of those wonderful activities.  Lately, we've noticed some erroneous information being posted and felt we needed to clarify what ALL our guests should expect when it comes to food and fun planned.

We have a TWO luncheons planned for all full registered persons at the River Terrace host hotel.    

Next, we have an absolutely delicious sit down dinner planned for the SnowBall and again, the full Menu will be posted when we have finalized all selections you will have.   Besides that we are offering a wonderful optional outing at the Wood Grill at a deeply discounted price.  This is for dinner only.  We have also been able to obtain deeply discounted tickets for the hottest Dinner/Show in Pigeon Forge!  Many are signing up for it as well.   We also will have our totally free Hospitality room open for the ClausFest guests 24 hours a day and it will be fully stocked with drinks and snacks throughout the Convention.  We also will have a fully manned Information Booth to assist our guests and also act as the lost and found Center.  Hope this sets the record straight.  Thanks much!  See YOU in Gatlinburg!  


September 9, 2013

Please join us in welcoming our brand New Ambassador for the great State of Florida!  Santa Keith Carson answered our call for a Florida Ambassador and we were delighted to put him on our Staff!  Santa Keith is a perfect fit for ClausFest and everything it stands for.  Santa Keith hails from Boynton Beach, Florida which is in the southern part of the State.   Read on:

From the moment he put on the Santa suit, he knew it was meant to be. Some might say the suit fit like a glove. With a twinkle in his eyes, and a deep, resonating voice, he delights in interacting with young and old alike.

Florida Kris Kringle is South Florida’s premier Santa Claus. He is a former law enforcement officer who retired as one of the most honored and decorated police officers in the State of Florida. He’s no stranger to positive interaction with children, and his work with children includes serving as D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Instructor in Palm Beach County schools, Police Explorer Program leader, and serving on the Board of Directors for Palm Beach County Special Olympics.


September 8, 2013

We Finally were able to get on Board with a Supplier of Clothing items!  This is a project we've been working on for

quite some time and finally we are able to offer our registrees and potential registrees an advance look at some

clothing items especially made for ClausFest 2014!  These particular items are for PRE-SALE only at this time.

Just this week, we received Samples of all the items we had requested and they exceeded our expectations!  We

also are able to offer these items at a reasonable and affordable price which includes shipping for those of you who

would like your items sent out to you right away.  For those of you who would prefer to just pick yours up at Clausfest

in 2014 at the Information Booth, we will deduct the shipping charge of $3.50, of course.   We wanted to make these items

affordable for everyone and believe we accomplished our mission.  These are all a specially made momento of your visit

to ClausFest in 2014.  The t-shirts have a beautifully placed Clausfest Logo on the left side of the shirt.  They are an ironed on 

very soft Vinyl type material and look great!  On the rest of the items, the Polo's, Hats, Visors and Toboggan the ClausFest 

Logo is Emboirdered and is absolutely beautifully done.  We know you'll like these items!  Give them all a look on the

Event Menu/Country Store page on this Website.  There, you can see the prices and place your orders.   Order will be placed

each Sunday for the next several weeks, until we all start working on our Christmas Season.  Don't delay!  These items won't

last long and this will be the only Pre-Sale we'll likely have before we pack our bags and head to Gatlinburg!

Your ClausFest Team


August 26, 2013

The talent we have within the Santa Claus Family is so diversified and just amazing!   We have had the good fortune to find yet another talented fellow that will be working with ClausFest to make everything look as it should!  Happy and FESTIVE!

It is with great pleasure to introduce you to Santa Chris Burton!  Chris is joining Clausfest as the "Official ClausFest Decorator"!  He has done some amazing work in the past for many others and when we saw a sample of his work, we knew he was the "Santa" for ClausFest~  Here's a little more about Chris, in his own words:

~   ______________________________________________________  ~

"Most of my entertainment career has been centered around clowning, as a lovable little boy character named “PJ”, a role in which I played for 15+ years. Always having loved Christmas, both the spirit and meaning behind it, I had always wanted to portray the character of Santa. After a couple of years with the “costume shop” beard and wig set, I decided to branch out in 2012 and purchase a custom made human hair set. Now, here I am coming to Clausfest for the first time and wanting to get involved in any way possible!   I have decorated with balloons for many events, including weddings and conventions. "

~         ________________________________________________     ~

He is bringing his talent to us this year by helping “spruce” up the decorations for the                                                                                            SnowBall and other areas, both at The River Terrace and the Convention Center.  If you                                                                                      enjoy the decorations, don't forget to mention it to Chris if you have the opportunity as I'm ,                                                                                  sure he'd appreciate the  feedback from all our ClausFest Guests!

                                                                                             Welcome to the ClausFest Family, Chris!

August 23, 2014

                                 FIDO GETS A FREE RIDE!

Hey Everybody! Registrations have been brisk this week and a question came up from one of our Registrees about bringing your pets to The River Terrace, our Host Hotel. Please be advised there is NO pet Deposit required. Normally they require an $80.00 non-refundable Deposit, however, they are waiving that Deposit for ClausFest and not requiring any Deposit at all. They will, however, require all persons who bring their pets to sign an agreement that the pet owners will be responsible for paying for any damage their pet may do to the property during their stay. This is only fair and we want everyone to know that ClausFest will not bear any responsibility for damage caused by any of the Registree's pets as well. Most likely we will require each Pet owner to agree to hold Clausfest harmless as well. This information will also be posted on the ClausFest Website, so there is no misunderstanding. If you are planning to bring your pet to ClausFest and upon making your reservations, you are told otherwise, please disregard it. Again, there will be NO Pet Deposit required at The River Terrace for your Pet. If any of you have any other questions about this, please let me know. God Bless. 

August 22, 2012

Be on the lookout for a survey sent to registered guests that will be hitting your mailboxes soon.  We need your help and would ask that every person registered at ClausFest complete this short survey as soon as possible in order to help our Planning Committee .  Thanks for your co-operation!  This survey is for registeree's only at this time.

Also, the SnowBall Page has undergone a complete update.  Check it all out!   Further updates will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

August 15, 2013
Today I tallied up all the Vendors who have committed to ClausFest and those who have actually signed on to be a part of the ClausFest Vendor Show.  
Much to my surprise, I discovered we have only 18 booths left before we are completely filled up and cannot take any more.  SO, If you are planning to be a Vendor at ClausFest in 2014 please contact me immediately to reserve your booth, otherwise you may find that there is no room left for you to participate when you DO decide to join ClausFest. 

I also want you all to know that every one of our Vendors will be selling Christmas items only.  In the next few weeks I'll put together a complete listing of the wonderful items that will be available for purchase from the various Vendors.  We're all really excited about some of the unique items we'll have to offer.  Oh, and by the way, in 2014 we will have a Clausfest Vendor booth too, so you can purchase those souvineres you were asking for in 2012.  We heard you and we will have plenty of items for sale this time around. 

Remember, if you wish to be a registered guest AND a Vendor you will receive a $25.00 dollar discount on your 10'X10' booth or $50.00 on a 10'X20' booth.   

I also want you to know that there will be plenty of room in the Vendor area in which to shop without feeling crowded and it being difficult to walk from booth to booth because the aisles are so narrow.  First and foremost we want all our guests to be comfortable and enjoy their shopping experience at ClausFest.  This is why we put a limit on the number of Vendor booths, so everybody will be comfortable and at ease while they enjoy their shopping experience.  Also, please note that our Vendor booths will be open throughout ClausFest with no closing and opening when various events are taking place.  The Vendors themselves will determine their operating hours, not ClausFest. 

In closing, I want you all to know that I will be in the Vendor Area most of the time while ClausFest is underway, so if you have a problem or I can assist you in any way, please don't hesitate to let me know.
I wish safe travel for all of you to ClausFest and I'll 
see YOU in Gatlinburg next March! 

"Where Santa Hangs his Hat AND his Heart"

Doug Baird

August 10, 2014

Just a reminder to ALL of our State Ambassadors:

The Ambassador who brings the most Guests to ClausFest 2014 from their State receives a Complimentary Hotel Room at The River Terrace Resort and Hotel through the duration of ClausFest!  
Don't miss out on this opportunity to save money that you can spend shopping at the wonderful Vendor Show that we have lined up and get those  one of a kind momentos from your trip to attend ClausFest!

July 28, 2014
A VERY SPECIAL Announcement!

  JULY 28, 2014
Duane Laflin, assisted by his wife Mary, has performed on five continents, in eighteen countries, and in forty-seven of the fifty states in the USA.  In South Africa, Duane was honored to be a special guest lecturer at the Siegfried and Roy College Of Magic.  In Mexico City he received the illusionist award.  In Singapore he was honored as a star of magic.
The prestigious Magic Circle, headquartered in London, England, has granted Duane the highest possible status.  In 2008, they made him a member of the Inner Magic Circle With Gold Star.
Among magicians, Duane is well known for his showmanship, stagecraft, and creativity.  He has invented tricks, routines, and illusions that are used by performers around the world.
Mary Laflin was honored by the dean of the Society of American Magicians to be included in his “top ten list” of magician’s assistants.  She is a delightful personality and skilled performer.  In recent years she has focused her attention on the business side of the show, so does not appear on stage as often as she did in the past.  However she always is working with the show and has much to do with its success.
After touring for many years, Duane and Mary settled into Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where they performed in the “Magic Beyond Belief” show.  This extremely successful and long-running show featured Grand Illusions and exotic animals.   In 2011 the property surrounding, and including, the “Magic Beyond Belief” theater was purchased by a developer.  This meant the Laflins had to find another place for their show.   They developed a new “Grand Magic Show” and took it to South Dakota.  Now they perform near Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse monument, and many other wonderful attractions.  The beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota appears to be the perfect place for their “Vegas quality yet always family friendly” style of performance.
Among his long list of credits and honors, Duane was the international president of theFellowship Of Christian Magicians from 1991 – 1996.  He and his wife, Mary, are strong in their faith.  This is reflected in their positive, “good clean fun,” approach to family entertainment. 
We, at ClausFest are absolutely delighted to bring Duane Laflin and his amazing show to ClausFest for your Enjoyment.  Duane will be appearing at the SnowBall and will also be performing at the World Class Luncheon that will be held at the Gatlinburg Convention Center on March 18, 2014.

                          ~ WELCOME TO CLAUSFEST DUANE AND MARY LAFLIN~  

                                           July 21, 2013


Chef Heather's Foods of the Smokies Recipes
When the Claus Family visited the Smokies in their off season, Heather let them sample the recipes below. The Mr. and Mrs. Clauses loved them!
The GREAT news is that Chef Heather has graciously stepped up to the plate again for ClausFest 2014 and is ready to do it all over again!  The turnout in 2012 was really good and we're expecting even more to take part in this awesome event in 2014.   As an extra added BONUS, through the generosity of Heather and her love for the area and her  desire to show it off to as many people she can, she offers it all for FREE!  That's right, you pay nothing and she even provides some delicious snacks along the Walk!  It just doesn't get any better than that, Folks!   
This is a tremendous value and something you will remember all your days to come.  So, don't be shy, take a WALK ON THE WILD SIDE with our own Heather O'Donnell!!  You sure won't regret it!

Honey Cornbread Madeleines

2 cups self-rising corn meal

1 1/2 cup all purpose flour

1/4 cup light brown sugar

1/3 cup Foods of the Smokies Honey

1 3/4 cup buttermilk

1/2 cup melted butter

2 eggs

Preheat oven to 400. 

Lightly coat madeleine pan with nonstick pan spray. 

Whisk together dry ingredients in a large bowl. 

Add remaining ingredients stirring just until blended.

Fill each well of madeleine pan 3/4 full of batter. 

Bake 15 minutes or to golden brown. 

Allow to cool slightly on wire rack and remove.

Serve warm with butter. 

These are great with dips, or served with soup beans, chili, etc. 

The recipe makes about 36.

WOW, you're going to LOVE this one too!  Tried and True!    YUMMYYYYYYYYY!

Sweet Potato Biscuits

2 cups buttermilk biscuit mix

3 tablespoons brown sugar

1/3 cup Foods of the Smokies Sorghum Molasses

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1/8 teaspoon allspice

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

1/8 teaspoon cloves

1/4 cup cold butter

1 cup mashed sweet potatoes

3 tablespoons buttermilk

2 tablespoons melted butter for brushing on tops prior to baking

Preheat oven to 400. 

Sift together dry ingredients. 

Cut in cold butter with pastry cutter. 

Add mashed sweet potatoes and buttermilk, and stir until moistened. 

Dough should be slightly sticky, but hold together. 

If it does not, sprinkle small amount of biscuit mix over top and stir in to form stiffer dough. 

Turn dough onto floured surface and knead once or twice. 

Dust a rolling pin with flour and roll dough to 1/2 in. thick. 

Coat a cutter or the rim of a glass with flour, and cut out biscuits, reflouring after each one. 

Place biscuits with sides touching on a baking sheet, and brush with melted butter. 

Bake at 400 for about 11 minutes. 

Serve warm with butter, honey, sweet potato, or pumpkin butter, preserves, etc. Makes 12-15 biscuits.

Be sure before you end your visit and Nature Walk that you let Heather know how much she is appreciated!  A kind word or two for someone who gives so much, goes a long way!

 July 17,  2013

Greetings, Everybody!  
We are delighted to tell you that through the fine efforts of Santa James Ellison, we are going to be able to provide transportation services at ClausFest 2014!  This is going to be a big help for a lot of folks, despite the fact that many of the events are going to be at the host hotel, we still needed help in transporting people to the Parade Staging area and to the from the Convention Center for those events that will be held there.   We will also be utilizing the transportation Van in helping people get to the Dinners and Shows in Pigeon Forge that we have lined up, for those who wish to attend those events.    

Also, we will be getting updates from our Chairpeople about the events and areas they are working on in the near future.  There's been a LOT of work going on behind the scenes and we can't wait to tell you about it!!  We know many of you have been waiting to find out what we'll be offering at the Workshops and Vendor Booths for 2014.   Stay Tuned for those updates!

July 7, 2013,
 Debra Ann Gabrelcik, posted this on the ClausFest Facebook page today:  Please, read and if you know of someone within the ClausFest family that has passed away over the last 2 years, please let her know so she can include that person in our Memorial at ClausFest.  You can contact Debra Ann at

I am working on our ClausFest Family Memorial slide show which will be shown during ClausFest 2014.....I believe I have kept up on most deaths but I am sure I missed a few. We would like to include all Claus Family santa members of the community as well wives and immediate family children. If you have personally lost someone since we last gathered in Gatlinburg in 2012, please get in contact with me. I may already have included your loved one, I just don't want to miss anyone. Everyone is important to ClausFest as our gathering is all about family. Two I have missed that I am aware of is a Santa who lost his son in the West, TX tragedy and another one was a Santa who woke up in the morning to find his wife had passed away in her chair, I believe. Thank You for your help.

July 3, 2013
Ok Everybody, apparently some incorrect information by an UNauthorized person has been reported to the masses that is totally incorrect. 

ClausFest is doing well in registrations and the bills are being paid as we plan events. We are paying the bills as we go along and as the funds will allow. If we don't have the money in the bank to plan something, then we don't book it until we do. The main thing here is to let everyone know that ClauFest is alive and well and will NOT be cancelled now or in the future. ClausFest 2014 will take place, as planned
March 15-19, 2014 in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Host Hotel is The River Terrace Resort and Hotel. For the latest CORRECT information regarding ClausFest, you can check here, or the ClausFest Facebook OR this website.  If it's written here, then it's a fact and not rumor.  If you don't see it addressed here, then it's most likely a rumor.  Sadly, there are still a few detractors out there that seem to thrive on putting out erroneous information about ClausFest.  Just recently, a remark was made about the Organizers of Clausfest making a profit from the event.  That is totally false.  In 2012, we made a couple nice donations to two of  ClausFest's favorite charities and we put aside $3,000. in the ClausFest Savings account for seed money to go toward the early startup costs for ClausFest 2014.
We closed out ClausFest 2012 completely debt free with huge smiles on our faces and hearts full of Joy.  We will do the same thing in 2014.   

In closing, if any of you ever receive questionable information from other people please don't take their word for it unless they are members of the planning Committee or one of our Ambassadors. Better yet, just rely on this Website and you cannot go wrong. 

Thanks much for your support and understanding.

God Bless you All,

Your ClausFest Team Members.
Santa Doug, Santa Eddie, Cindylu, Santa Charlie, Santa Cliff, Debra Ann, Santa Lou and Loretta, Trish, and Santa John &  Joan and Santa Ted & Vicki Jackson.

July 1, 2013        

The Clausfest 2014 planning Committee had a tele-conference last week to discuss progress in the various areas each Chairperson is responsible for.
We are delighted to tell you that we are making really good progress in getting the plans for each event in order and confirmed.  As reported recently, we have contracted with The Swing Sisters to perform at the SnowBall, for instance.

When checking with Santa Lou and Mrs. Claus, Loretta Knezevich, we were delighted with the number and type of Workshops we'll be offering at ClausFest 2014.  
We will soon be giving you a complete listing of each one complete with a description of the Workshop and information on the qualifications of the Instructors.

Just as a little sneak peek, though, let us say that we'll be having a Workshop on making your own Canes and Walking Sticks (stafffs), another on sign language with none other than the infamous Rebecca Bennett delighting us with her charm and wisdom!
Additionally, there will be workshops, on working with the Media, Storytelling, the Art of Magic and back by popular demand you'll be seeing Santa Steve Gillham with two brand new, hot off the press Workshops!  

We were also advised by Chairman Doug Baird that Vendor booth sales are going quite well and we'll have even more of them with GREAT products that you'll be taking back home with you!  

Santa Richard Christie, Founder and President of "Awesome Santa Belts" out of California will be joining our Vendor Show for 2014 and bringing an array of his beautiful Products that only HE can make.  Most of you already know Santa Richard and those that don't most assuredly have heard of him or seen some of his work.  There is none better and he is the "Master" of Belt and Buckle making!   To see some of his amazing work you can visit his website at:  www.santabelts.com.

The Vendor Show is going to be as 'Awesome",  as Santa Richards "Awesome Belts" Are! 

                    Keep checking here for more updates.............

Presenting : "The Swing Sisters"

                                      The Swing Sisters

Santa Lou & Loretta        Knezevich -

Workshop Chairpersons

Santa  Lou Bertone - Instructor - Making your own Walking Staffs

Ms. Rebecca Bennet - Instructor - 

American Sign Language

Vendor Chairman - 

Doug Baird -

Contact Doug if you need Vendor Information.

[email protected]

June 16, 2013

Well, it's been a long time coming, but we are now in a position to make a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! All the i's have been dotted and the T's crossed, Deposits made and all is in order. We, the ClausFest Planning Committee take GREAT pleasure in Announcing our Featured Talent that will be performing at the ClausFest SnowBall on March 18, 2014 at the Beautiful and spacious Gatlinburg Convention Center. We have contracted with the Lovely and Talented 'SWING SISTERS' to perform for us! These 3 ladies are super talented and come to us highly recommended for us all to go back in time for just a little while and get into the "Swing of Things"!

They are sure to please and we are so thrilled to have them on Board with us for ClausFest 2014! Please join us in extending a huge welcome to The Swing Sisters. I had the pleasure to meeting with Rhonda Vogt and her husband recently where we planned out the program for ClausFest and it's going to be absolutely wonderful. You don't want to miss these ladies, folks, so get those Snowball tickets ordered as soon as possible. You can order them through the ClausFest Website on the "Event Menu".

For more information and a sampling of The Swing Sisters, we invite you to visit their website at www.swingsistersmusic.com

See YOU in Gatlinburg: "Where Santa Hangs his Hat and.........his heart"

May 31, 2013

The Clock is winding down for ClausFest to sign up ClausFest State Ambassadors to help us promote ClausFest in 

your respective States that still do not have Representation.  Check out the "Ambassadors" Page on this

Website and see if you are living in a State that has no Representation, and if you are interested in assuming

this role to help us get the word out about ClausFest to your brothers and sisters in your States, please e-mail me at [email protected] OR Debra Ann Gabrelcik at [email protected]  

If you have good communication skills and have decent Computer skills, you are who we need to help make sure everyone within the Santa Claus Community knows about ClausFest so they can decide whether they wish to attend.  We don't want to leave ANYONE out of at least having an opportunity!  Contrary to what many believe, we STILL have many Santas, and others within the ClausFest Family that don't have computers and thus, continue to stay in the dark about what we and others are doing for them!   Thanks!

Also, I want to remind everybody that the SnowBall tickets are NOT included in your Registration fee for ClausFest. We took it out because some people complained that they felt it was unfair that they pay for the Snowball when they aren't going to be able to attend.  We tried explaining that we could just deduct it from the price, but then when we started planning for 2014, it was decided we'd just divert the problem and leave it up to our guests to have the option of picking and choosing for themselves which events they wanted to attend and that would include the SnowBall. 

We also felt this way of handling payment would give people more of an opportunity to attend more events if they had more time to save for it;  instead of having to pay for everything all at one time. We are very pleased that we are able to offer everything, even the optional events at the same prices that were paid in 2012. There have been NO increases in price and we have structured it so as to give everyone plenty of time to be able to save their money and attend more of the optional events we've put together.  We have gotten some really GREAT prices and believe you will get a LOT of bang for your buck!!

We've received quite a number of registrations, but not that many requests for tickets to the Ball. This is an area of concern because the Ball is always well attended. Please understand that we have to order and pay for the Food that is to be served at the Ball way ahead of time, so we are NOT going to be able to sell tickets at the door for this event. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.  

This is a sit down Gourmet Dinner that we have to order well in advance so the catering Company will know how much food to purchase and how many people they will be serving. SO, don't delay beyond December in ordering your Ball tickets.

We will be posting deadlines for several of the events that require prior payment and commitment on the Website soon,so be sure to keep checking in at the Website for additional/new information.  Right now, we have not posted any deadlines, but as we get nearer and nearer to ClausFest deadlines will be prominently displayed.

Many Thanks to you all for your patience and understanding.


May 17, 2014

Our Application with The City Of Gatlinburg to hold The Grand Parade of Clauses on March 15, 2014, has been approved; Signed,Sealed, and now Delivered! So, the parade is on a definite Go and off we indeed will go , likely in record numbers, right down the infamous Parkway right in the Heart of Gatlinburg! This parade is a beloved event by everyone, especially the spectators and it's growing every time it's held. Last time , in,2012 City Officials estimated the crowd to be between 20,000 -25,000 people. We don't doubt it for a second! It was nothing short of AMAZING!! So, make your plans to participate in this wonderful and fun event. Remember, ALL MOTORIZED Vehicles must complete an application form . There is no charge to be in the parade but certain rules and regulations do apply, so be sure to download the application form AND the regulations. This event is always highly anticipated and loads of FUN!

May 5, 2013


                                                       New ClausFest ANNOUNCEMENT !


                                                               CLAUSFEST TALENT/ VARIETY SHOW 


Greetings to All:


The ClausFest Team has been working very hard to bring new and exciting things to ClausFest 2014…..I am very happy to share with you another addition to our ClausFest Agenda !  As far as we know, this is a FIRST for the Santa Community..............


We will be having a ClausFest Talent Variety Show one of the evenings in Gatlinburg, TN. We have signed on some amazing talent already but we are looking for some more talented Santas, Mrs. Claus, & Elves to “perform” on stage to round out the evening. 

We know several of you have talents and we would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining the show !   It can be anything from magic acts, storytelling, juggling, banjo, guitar or piano playing to singing or comedy acts !    It will be a fun filled evening of entertainment !  There will be no judging....it will be purely for FUN and ENJOYMENT !!   Don't be shy..HO HO HO....get on stage and show us those special talents you have not been able to show to your fellow brothers and sisters of red and green !!


Just look in the "SPECIAL EVENTS' section on this Website for additional informatiion.  If you stilll have questions please contact [email protected] or Cindylu at [email protected] and we'll we glad to help you in any way we can.


More info will be announced as we go, but time is a factor for limiting the number of performers sooooo  get back to us ASAP if you are interested !!  You don’t want to miss out on this fun opportunity to share with the Santa Family Community !   We look forward to hearing from you.     It's your special night to come on stage and SHINE !!!          

  Debra Ann  




MAY 4, 2013


Just a reminder. Please be sure to read all the information that is posted on the Registration Form when you register. The SNOWBALL is NOT included in your registration price for 2014.  A full listing of what is included is posted there. 

All the OPTIONAL Events for ClausFest are listed on the EVENTS MENU and the cost for each one. So, if you want to purchase your registration and a ticket to the ball, the total cost for those two items is $198.00 for a single person. 

For a couple it is a total of $399.00. Both are the same price as in 2012. We removed the cost of the ball from the Registration Package Price in order to give people a choice as to whether they wished to attend the SnowBall or not.. There has been no increase in the price for registration OR the Ball from the 2012 prices, but now you have a choice as to whether you wish to attend the Ball or not.  There were some persons in 2012 that didn't wish to attend the Ball and felt they shouldn't have to pay to attend something they didn't plan to attend;  thus, the changes for 2014. It's your choice, but those who elect not to attend the Ball are sure to miss out on a LOT of fun.  It's one of most popular Events of ClausFest, but it's your choice now.  

 Incidentally, we were able to keep the prices the same as they were in 2012, by moving some of the events to the Host Hotel, who, by the way, kept their room rates the same as in 2012. NO increase. It is our pleasure to be able to accomplish this for our guests, and we Thank The River Terrace for extending such amazing courtesies to ClausFest Attendees.  

APRIL 24, 2013

I've been reminded by the General Manager at The River Terrace Hotel, Resort and Convention Center to remind our guests for ClausFest that plan to stay at their facility to please be sure to go ahead and get your rooms reserved at the same time you Register to attend ClausFest. 

ClausFest is holding 45 rooms in a block at a time. When those rooms are filled, we reserve another block of 45 and so on. We cannot hold more rooms at a time than that because we have to pay for the rooms that we hold and don't get reserved. What that means is that those rooms are open to the public, and with ClausFest taking place during Spring Break, most likely the River Terrace will fill completely up during that week with tourists in town for Spring Break. Don't risk not getting a room at The River Terrace. If you KNOW you are planning to attend ClausFest, get your reservations made NOW at our Host Hotel, if that's where you are planning to stay at the fabulous rate of $59.00 per night. And remember, if you decide to stay most of the week and expand your ClausFest Experience into a full fledged family vacation that same great rate is good from March 12 -22, 2014. 3 days before the convention starts and 3 days after it is over. Now THAT'S a DEAL!   Again, Special Thanks to our Friends at The River Terrace Hotel for extending such courtesies and their generosity.


April 13, 2013

We are  truly excited to be announcing that Rebecca Bennett will be joining us again at ClausFest. For those who don't know, she's the very talented Lady that has the wonderful Workshop on American Sign Language. She is a great teacher and everyone just loved her Workshop in 2012. She is back by Popular Demand and we are delighted! GO REBECCA!



April 4, 2013

Wander on over to the "Special Events" Section and scroll down to the last item shown.  You will note we now have added information about the ClausFest 2014 Doggie Fashion Show!   You don't have to have a dog in it to have a rolling good time at this event, it's a HOOT and a lot of good fun for everyone.  Plus you have an opportunity to see some really GREAT dogs doing what dogs love to

do..............Show Off!          Check it out!