Welcome to ClausFest
         March 15-19, 2014
     Coming Back Home to Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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              ClausFest Family Photo 2012

                                     Welcome Friends!

The ClausFest Team Welcomes you to the ClausFest 2014  Website.  

We believe ClausFest to not only be  a Premiere Event with a Gold Star rating for Events of this type, but completely unique by it's own right.  We strive to bring First Class Quality to every aspect of ClausFest and in doing so, wish to make certain that everyone who attends has the finest ClausFest Experience possible.  For that reason, we are going to limit our Registration to 350 persons in 2014.  Once we have reached 350 persons, we will announce the closing of any further Registration.  To assure yourself a place at the table for ClausFest, we would suggest you not delay your registration.  We reached capacity, we closed the registration page ! THANK YOU EVERYONE.  We are looking to a successful convention with extra fun activities !!

You will receive a confirmation of your Registration Payment as well as your payment for any of the Events you purchase from the Event Menu.  In the event you do not receive a confirmation within 14 days after purchase, please notify our Chief Financial Officer, Charlie Thomas and he will  handle the matter on your behalf.


At the Top of this page and all the subsequent pages you will find the Navigation Bar with the names of the various pages.  Just click on the page you wish to visit and it will take you there. Please NOTE the MORE tab on the top right hand side of the page !! 


Note that on the Registration Page, you will find a 'button' that you need to click that will take you to the actual Registration Form.  This year we are utilizing Constant Contact for our registration needs and records.  You will be able to Register Online and Pay the Registration Fee at the same time on the same form online.  Once you have made payment, you will receive a receipt shortly thereafter and you will also receive a confirmation of your reservation to attend ClausFest.

Under the Event & Country Store Menu tab on this website you can choose the OPTIONAL ITEMS  that are NOT included on the Constant Contact ClausFest Registration. The events NOT included in your Registration are: The SnowBall Tickets,  additional  luncheon tickets for unregistered guests, Tickets to the Wood Grill for dinner one evening, Tickets to The Lumberjack Feud dinner and show as well as Vendor Booth spaces.

Also, please Note:   You must make your own Hotel Reservations and the contact information to do that is on the Host Hotel Page listed in the Menu on the Navigation Bar.  The River Terrace Hotel is booked up as of February 1, 2014.  We have added two additional hotels on the page.  See details on that page.

You will note the very last page in the Navigation Bar is a Guestbook.  If you wish to make comments, ask questions, or make suggestions, there is an area in the Guestbook to do that.  Please don't hesitate to use it.  ClausFest 2014 is YOUR Convention and we welcome any comments or suggestions you might wish to make.

Your ClausFest Team

Santa Charlie & Cindylu Thomas, Santa Ted & Vicki Jackson, Debra Ann, Santa Doug Baird, Santa Eddie Burch, Santa Cliff Snider,  Santa John & Joan Wilder, Trish Parris, and Lou & Loretta Knezevich.

                                                                                       SEE YOU IN GATLINBURG, 

                                                                          'Where Santa Hangs his Hat AND his Heart"!